USA Archery Wheelchair and Stool Policy for Events

FITA Archers Of PA Membership,

As USA Archery works to continue to provide accessible competition opportunities for archers with adaptive needs, we have recently created a formal policy on the use of wheelchairs and stools for our sanctioned tournaments.

This policy has been created to eliminate the burden of athletes feeling like they need a Para classification to participate in USA Archery events. We welcome all athletes to compete, and have outlined specific instructions to help athletes coordinate with event organizers to ensure their needs are met.

USA Archery does not follow World Archery rules when it comes to archers utilizing a wheelchair or stool when competing in an able-body division. There is no need to have a Para classification to shoot from a wheelchair, knee scooter, stool etc., due to injury or disability while competing in an able body division at a USA Archery sanctioned event. However, archers who wish to compete in a Para division must have a Para classification and have their classification card/documents with them at events where they are registering/shooting in a Para division.

For archers looking to obtain a 2017 Para classification, there will be a classification session in Salt Lake City, Utah on July 13th. Medical forms, found here, must be submitted to National Para Head Coach Randi Smith by June 1, 2017.

Please carefully review the complete wheelchair and stool event policy here. If you have any questions, contact For additional support and information on adaptive archery needs, you can view the FREE Adaptive Archery Manual created by USA Archery and Disabled Sports USA.

National Circuit Dates

For those of you interested in the National Circuit for USA Archery here are the USAT events as well as the U.S. Team Trial dates. You are able to find more dates and tournaments on USA Archery’s website. We’ll be coming out with Pennsylvania tournaments and dates soon!

48th U.S. National Indoor : February 24-26th

USAT #1 AAE Arizona Cup, World Team Trials #1: April 6-9th

USAT #2 Easton Foundation Gator Cut/World Team Trials #2: May 26-29th

U.S. Team Trials for World Archery Youth Championships (Lansing, MI): July 7-9th

133rd U.S. National Target Championships (Westfield, IN): August 2-6th

USAT #3 SoCal Showdown: August 24-26th

USAT #4 Texas Shootout: September 22-24th

U.S. Team Trials for World Archery Indoor Championships: November 3-5th

Call for New Secretary!

FITA Archers of PA

Call for Nominations for Board Secretary FITA Archers of PA is calling for nominations for the position of Board Secretary. Responsibilities and Guidelines
Qualifications: The candidate must be a citizen of the United States and be 18 years of age or older. Candidate needs be a resident of Pennsylvania.
Nominations should include a personal statement of interest, a résumé, and a description of the candidate’s experience in archery. Please send nominations to Cindy Bevilacqua, email